Our vision is:

Water for all in Inkomati


Our mission is of a pioneering catchment management system that empowers stakeholders to engage in consensual and adaptive decision making, to achieve reform, and to promote persistent social, economic and environmental justice across the Inkomati catchment.  

  • The Inkomati CMA supports the co-operative management of the Inkomati basin as an internationally shared water course
  • The decision-making environment of the Inkomati CMA, including delegated functions, enables collaborative action towards equity, sustainability and efficiency in a continually evolving socio-economic system
  • The Inkomati CMA manages the resources adaptively, co-operatively and progressively to achieve social, economic and environmental justice, and promote healthy living


The Inkomati CMA acknowledges the interdependence of our responsibilities for caring for the resource and there is explicit recognition of the diversity achieved by what individual/ group contributes to promoting equity, efficiency, and sustainability as defined in the National Water Act

Decisions, actions and outcomes are subject to performance evaluation against measurable goals, indicators and timeframes

The Inkomati CMA strives for a trusting, transparent and corrupt-free system of catchment management that is cognisant of existing agreements and promotes fairness before the law, environment and economic development

Management is adaptive, open to critique and outcomes driven, with solutions being practical, achievable and implementable/

The Inkomati CMA practices problem solving that embraces:

  • Ethics of Ubuntu ( out humanity is defined by how others experience our behaviour), Simunye (we are one) and Batho-pele (people first) 
  • Consensus driven stakeholder participation
  • Decision within our mandate are made and are justified on the basis of the best available social, technical, economic, environmental and governance knowledge